WBZ-FM 98.5 Boston

Primary transmitter: FM128, Newton
Backup transmitter: Candelabra Tower, Needham

A 2016 view of the tower.

A better view of the FM master antenna.

A closeup of the master antenna. An ERI COG-1084-2CP

The main transmitter row for 98.5. The newer Flexiva, far left. Older Platnum Z to the right.

Another view of the row.

The main transmitter and antenna/remote controls.

Another view of the main transmitter.

And of the former main and now standby Z16.

The equipment racks for the transmitter are here.

Older pictures below.

The two bay panel antenna.
 A wider view of the FM master antenna.
 The entire tower view.
 The top mount mast (the old channel 5 mast).

98.5 maintains a full power backup on the Candelabra Tower. Here are pictures of the aux transmitters

98.5's aux racks

98.5's aux transmitter and HD encoders

In the basement of the FM128 transmitter building are old antenna bays for WJMN and 98.5.

Seen here.

Here is what the 985 aux antenna  looked like when it was
still mounted on the tower.