WCTW 98.5 Catskill

WCTW's 3 bay Shively 6813 on the center tower of the 560 array

A closer view of the antenna

A nice wide view of the 560 array with 98.5 on the center tower.

WCTW's McMartin FM BF-5K still going strong.

WCTW's transmitter meter panel

The WCTW processing and the STL gear for WHUC/WZCR

The FM isocoupler

Looking up at the WCTW antenna

WCTW's studio

The rack room at WCTW

WCTW on the center Tower. (WCKL AM)

WCTW's antenna

Another view of 
WCTW's antenna

A better closeup of the WCTW antenna.
Another wide view of the 3 WCKL towers with WCTW on the center tower.