WNNI 98.9A Adams.

In March 2014, following some bad weather, an adjacent cell tower with WNNI on it
collapsed, taking down the WUPE-FM tower with it.
During the cleanup, an emergency Shively Labs versatune antenna system
was installed for both stations.
After the site was cleaned up, a new, single tower was
constructed to hold the equipment of both towers, as well as WUPE-FM.

In 2017, we got back up to get pictures of the new install.

The new tower and new combined antenna for 98.9 and 100.1

The new Shively 6810BB-4R antenna.

A little wider view.

Looking up the tower, transmitter building, and the emergency antennas on the left. As I understand it, one of
those two bays are now the 101.1 translator for WFCR.

A closer view of the emergency antennas installed for the collapse