WQRC 99.9 Barnstable

In 2013, WQRC replaced the primary antenna with a new ERI. Thanks to our impromptu visit of co-located channel 58
we were able to grab a picture of the transmitter too.

The WDPX tower, as seen in 2013 with 101.1/102.9 & 99.9 side mounted

A closer view of the top half

The whole tower from a different angle

99.9's new ERI

Another view of 99.9

99.9's backup antenna

99.9's primary CCA transmitter

The engineering rack and backup transmitter

The 99.9 transmitters with channel 58 (RF 40) in the background.

The WDPX tower with WQRC side mounted.

WQRC's transplanted antenna on the new tower.

WQRC's antenna closeup.

Another view of the WQRC antenna.

WQRC's backup antenna.

The WDPX tower where WPXC resides.

The TX building.

A closeup of the antenna system, seen here on the
old tower.