WEZN-FM 99.9 Bridgeport, CT

The "Booth Hill" tower, with WEDH's post repack interim side-mounted.

Another view of the tower.

In 2013, WEZN-FM replaced their old ERI cavity back antenna for this new model.

The older two bay aux.

Another view of the newer main.

A wider view with 91.1 below it.

Pictures from 2007 below...

The Booth Hill tower, top half.

Looking straight up the Booth Hill tower.

WEZN's three bay ERI 1083-3CP antenna

WEZN's primary analog transmitter.

WEZN's HD transmitter.

WEZN's backup Harris FM10K

A 2001 film picture of the tower.

And a view of the 99.9 with the odd beam tilt and the 91.1 below it.