WDPN-TV Virtual 2 RF 2 (No Repack Changes) Wilmington, DE
WCAU Virtual 10 RF 26 (Pre Repack 34) Philadelphia
WTVE Virtual 51 RF 22 (Pre Repack 25 - Channel Share WPHY-CD) Willow Grove, PA
WWSI  Virtual 67.1 RF 26 (Pre Repack 49 - Channel Share WCAU) Atlantic City, NJ


The very tall American Tower Candelabra tower on Domino Lane in Roxborough.
Home to 7 TVs, 4 FMs, a number of Auxes and LPTVs.

One angle view of the top.

A wider view. Note the side mounted FM and the channel 2 panel below it.

A more straight on view from across the way.

Another view.

Here is a best-guess scenario of the TVs at the top.
(Some are easy to identify based on the models.)

Next to the Candleabra is the bottom of the old WCAU tower, now used as an aux.

Another view of the aux

A closeup of the channel 2 antenna.

A wider view of the channel 2 and the FM master panel.

A view on the channel 2 antenna.

A view of the master FM panel and the channel 27 antenna hanging down. (Known as an inverted antenna).