The "Candelabra"
Cabot St. in Needham.
ASRN: 1004233
1,101 feet to the platform
1,201 feet to the top of the WGBH VHF antenna.

Dielectric TDM-3A5 362.7m
WGBH-TV RF05 - D02 Boston  Primary

Dielectric TUM-AP-O4-14/56H-2-B new master antenna. 350m (2019 Added)
WFXT Primary

Former TV antennas
RF31 - D25 Boston 780kW DA 363m (2018 Removed)

WLVI RF41 - D56 Cambridge - 690kW DA 346m (2018 Removed)
WFXT RF31- D25 Boston 78kW DA 331m (Aux)

WBZ-FM 98.5 Boston 16kW (Aux) 255.4m
WZLX 100.7 Boston 3.8kW (Aux) 255.4m
WODS 103.3 Boston 15kW (Aux) 255.4m
WWBX 104.1 Boston 3.7kW (Aux) 255.4m

W243DC 96.5 Needham 0.01kW 159.5

The repack build at Cabot is mostly been completed. Here are pictures of the RF build.

A very picturesque view of the now non candelabra tower.

The two stacked antennas and RF systems below them.

A closeup of the antennas.

And WGBH-TV's new primary antenna closeup. VHF 3 bay circularly polarized.

Pretty advanced Dielectric antenna, despite the shroud. This is a dual polarized, dual input broadband antenna.

The antenna is fed by this state of the art, dual chain combining system. Each station can vary the phase into the combiners,
which varies the phase into the antenna. Thus each station can operate with different levels of polarity.

Pictures from the install and everything else below.

As part of the FCC's Reverse Incentive Broadcast Auction
(Known as the "repack"), several stations in Boston will be moving around.
In order for the stations to move around, a total reconfiguring of the top of the Candelabra tower had to occur.
In a span of a month* from December 2018 to January 2019, a couple of large helicopter lifts, the Candelabra
was transformed before our very eyes. Scroll through these pictures to see the changes as they occured.

*Note: Other work such as feedline work, inspections and building construction has been on going since Spring of 2018.

The top of the tower, as seen prepared for the Helicopter pick on this chilly December morning...

The WFXT antenna closeup with the section removed to connect to the helicopter.

The crews starting to disassemble the "wedding cake" used to support the antenna.

The first of the Helicopter lifts began with the WFXT antenna.

WFXT's antenna being removed (video)

The tower looks a little different with no WFXT antenna on top!

Next goes the top half of the old WLVI antenna and pole.

WLVI's top half being removed (video)

The tower crew scrambled to the WSBK side to prep for the removal of their pole.

And down she goes!

WSBK's support pole being removed (video)

Getting ready for the next pick, they prepare the bottom half of the WLVI pole and antenna.

WLVI's bottom half being removed (video)

And with WLVI out of the way, all that remains is the pole that supported WFXT's antenna...

WFXT's support pole being lowered. This was the heaviest piece of the removals (video)

The antennas landed in their final resting spot outside of the WFXT transmitter room.

WFXT's antenna, that I kept radiating for 5 years from 2012-2017.

The top beacon.

The antenna-less tower.

A closeup. Note the inverted Shively (Rymsa) antenna used by WFXT still hanging.
Note the Northeast Towers crew still on the tower after the helicopter pick.

A wide shot of the briefly empty tower.

A closeup of the helicopter used to do the picks that day.

So after that work was completed, it was time to get ready for the new installs.
First the antennas were delivered by large flat-bed trucks.

The new UHF master antenna on site just after it was delivered

Another wider shot. In the background you can see the WGBH antenna

The name-plate on the new antenna.

WGBH-TV's new antenna

Then they were all lifted in the air. While I was unable to attend the lift,
engineering friends of mine from WGBH-TV were, and got these great pictures.

The new UHF Broadband being lifted in the air.

And being mounted to the tower.

Then WGBH-TV's VHF going on top of that.

Taken the following day, you can see the new stacked antennas now mounted.

The "new view" of the tower

A closer view of the new antenna configuration on the tower.

WGBH-TV's antenna up close

The UHF master antenna, also up close.

Series of pictures from May 2014 prior to the repack moves.

The tower taken from the parking lot of the Sheraton

The master backup FM

A closer shot

The top section with the TV antennas, receive antennas and abandonded MediaFlo

The new 96.5 translator antenna.

A wider shot of the translator antenna.

A cool shot looking up from the transmitter buildings.

Series of pictures from November 2012

WFXT Main (Top left), WFXT Aux (Bottom left), WLVI Tine (Center), WSBK Tine (Right).
ENG antennas side mounted (WFXT, WHDH)
Media Flo



Former WSBK Tine (Antenna now gone)

A view of the upper part of the 1200' tower.

WLVI-DT (Left), WFXT (Right)


A different angle of the tower

A different angle of the top

The aux master FM

A wider view of the aux master FM

The four station FM combiner

Another view of the four station combiner

The aux transmitter room. Click on each station to get a closer view of the specific TXen. Note that 98.5 is the only station with HD radio here.

Pictures below, circa April 2009

A view looking at the top with the analog antenna for WSBK still in place.

Another shot with the analog antennas still in place.

Another shot.

A cell camera shot from behind the WFXT transmitter room, October 2012

Looking up from the rear of the WFXT transmitter room.

Pictures below March 2006.

Here is a view of the candleabra looking from the ground up.



The sign on the building circa 2009.

Another view looking up the tower.

A closeup view of the top.

Here is a different view of the Candleabra.
Left hand side, WLVI Analog (Top/Removed)
WLVI Digital (Side mounted)
Front WFXT Analog (Top removed)
WFXT original Digital (Bottom Hanging down)
Right hand side WSBK Analog (Top Removed)

Below are historic photos from 1999/2000

The Candelabra taken sometime in 1997. Notice all the microwave dishes for the NESN/WSBK cable feeds.

The sign on the side of the building, circa 1997

The digital-less top! WLVI on the left, WSBK center, and WFXT right. Late 1997/Early 1998

The last FM I ever saw on the Candelabra from the "originals" was this aux for WBOS 92.9, which was since removed. (Before the CBS master FM)

The NESN uplink facility was also located here at the Candelabra.

The Candelabra tower, photo taken just after completion of construction in 1969

Special thanks to Jon Frank, Art Donahue for information, pictures and additional inside information.
Also to Paul Donovan for his countless tours of the "aux building"