A triubte to the GUNN MOUNTAIN tower.

GUNN MOUNTAIN , Winchester, New Hampshire.

This tower is what used to be home to WRLP-32 until it was shut off in 1978.
WRLP was a "sister" station to WWLP 22 in Springfield.
Parts of the transmitter went to KSTU in Salt Lake City and the rest to WKEF in Dayton, OH.
WRLP's microwave signal originated at WWLP on Provin Mountain in Feeding Hills, MA., and was sent
via a 7GHz link to Pocumtuck Road in Deerfield (Current home to 93.9 FM), where it was relayed north to Gunn Mountain.

The tower was 660' tall before the antenna was removed. The height is now 600' feet.

The tower bears Antenna Structure Registration Number: 1023108

UPDATE 10/18/2014. Part of the old transmitter building has been torn down and a cell tennant has been
mounted on the tower. The tower is still in desparate need of a paint job, and the contact phone number has
changed again.

UPDATED 09/04/2004! The Antenna has been removed!
See the below pictures for the update!

The ANTENNA-LESS tower...

The antenna less tower, wider view.

The old WRLP 32 antenna laying on the ground.

The top of the old WRLP 32 Antenna...

The bottom of the WRLP 32 antenna...

Apparently the contact number has changed as well...
(Click here to see the old number)

THE TOWER CIRCA 12/29/2000...

The WRLP antenna is still mounted on top of the tower

Where the end of the rigid coax was removed.

A two-way radio antenna mounted on the tower. One of
only two antennas mounted to the tower.

The bottom of the un-fenced in tower.

A view up the 660' tower.

The old transmitter building back.

Looking up the tower from the platform shown above.

A YAGI antenna on the tower. The second of only
two mounted antennas on the tower.

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