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This NEW Icon has been on NECRAT since Day 1,  back in 1999!

The second sizable update this year comes to refresh some really old pages (one hadn't been updated since 2000!). The first part revisits the Bennington area, with new pictures of the new WBTN-FM tower, which also has the VPR 93.5 translator. It also includes some nice shots from the top of Mt. Equinox, and the stations WEQX and WVTQ. The next part of the update was a fantastic one to your editor, as he got to help Peter Partino work on the WSBS transmitter. It also allowed us to get some beautiful shots of the tower and the new W231AK translator. The next part is the biggest part, which allowed us to update the Hartford Market with some much needed updates. Including two great tours, one from Willie Barnett of WIHS, and the other from Gene Faltus of CBS Hartford (of WZMX!). It also allowed us to update pictures from West Peak, Rattlesnake Mountain, as well as the infamous WXCT (WNTY!)!!. Also seen online for the first time is the WLAT 910 array, missing a tower. And of course, the trip to Bennington wasn't complete without FIVE New Stewart's Shops on it!

A quick Cape Cod trip allowed us to add two more stations from this ever growing market. Horizon Christian Fellowship's WYZX, and WBUR's WBUH. It also allowed us to get pictures of the WEII/WCOD tower with the new standby antennas, which make the tower look like it has a 14 bay Shively! Also take a look at the pictures of the WPLM/WPLM-FM towers in Plymouth taken yesterday. One of the pictures looks like it could be a post card!

The new W243DC 96.5 translator on the Candelabra tower.

The updates keep coming this year! Two new "markets" (one isn't technically a market, but a regional page!)  Allentown, PA  and "Northern New Jersey".  This update brings new pictures of WGRS 91.5 in Guilford, CT, and
scenic pictures of one of our favorite sites, WEBE 107.9.  Also included are pictures of the new W283BS 104.5 translator in Bridgeport, CT.

An update to the northern part of Mass. A bunch of newer "Non Comms" signed on in the Fitchburg area. WTYN 91.7, WQPH 89.3, and WJXP 90.1. We then headed north, via Athol, where we updated pictures of WTUB and WFNX (The 99.9 one.), and then stopped in the Manchester NH market to get the new FM translator on 94.1, and the market AMs, including the very impressive WGIR, along with WGAM, and a refreshed look at WFEA.
We then headed town to Nashua to get a picture of the two station, one site tower of WGHM (combined with WSMN, which looks for a new tower site), and the old analog site of WYCN-LP. The trip pointed us towards Derry, home to WYDI 90.5, and WDER 1320, finishing up with the well hidden WCCM 1110.  Also on this site update, are pictures of Boston TV station WCEA-LD and newer pictures of WEDX.

A nice update coming this time, with some gorgeous fall weather. This update brings you 8 new stations alone!
A three day stop that started in the Hudson Valley for refreshers of the Mount Beacon stations (WSPK, WRNN-DT, WTBY), continued to the new 98.9 Rosendale transmitter facility in Ulster Park, up to the Hudson area's
new 90.7 WGXC, and ended with some new pictures of the 560/98.5 array in Hudson and the new 106.9 translator that sits on the 98.5 tower!
The next day started with a new market to NECRAT, Saratoga. While going here many years, this was our first time actually going for radio towers. I present to you newer pictures of WJKE (formerly WQAR), Skidmore College's 91.1 WSPN. While not being able to find WABY 1160, we skipped on down to Albany to see the new W44CT-D antenna on the WMHT tower (this site was once on the WFLY tower), and the nice low angled sun allowed for some great pictures of the Albany DTV tower and some new pictures of WGNA's tower. The trip finished off with a refreshed look at the 94.5 tower in Ravena and the "new" 101.1 translator in Catskill
The final day was a real busy one with so many updates on Cape Cod! Starting with WOMR's new antenna, then to WOMR's new sister station , WFMR., then onto the Cape's newest radio station , WKFY., over to the new 93.5 WFRQ site (near where the old 103.9 tower once was, ironically... speaking of 103.9), 103.9's replacement antenna system,
and finally a first time inside look at the Channel 58 transmitter, the 99.9 transmitter and new antenna., and the new combined antennas for 101.1 and 102.9....
Finally we post an update of two stations we took a month ago. 91.9 WUMB's new antenna location in Quincy, and WIGV-LP's new location in Providence.