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This NEW Icon has been on NECRAT since Day 1,  back in 1999!

It's been a crazy month here at NECRAT HQ, and I haven't had any time to really do any travelling. However, I did have a reason to purchase a flatbed scanner recently and have decided to throw some old archive pictures of mine up here for you to see. There is quite a bit to be explained, which I will do all in one neat little summary here.

The Candelabra. It's back. (In case you didn't know it left.) I found some pictures of the tower simply referred to as "The Candelabra", a 1200 foot tower located in Needham, MA, as part of the dubbed "Newton-Needham" complex. I took some pictures back in 1999 when there was no digital antennas on the tower, still a piece of FM history there, and the building sign was different. See "back in the day", the Candelabra was home to several FM radio stations. It went from housing 3 TVs and 3 FMs down to its current status, housing 2 TVs and backup facilities for 4 FM stations. (Along with Media-Flo, if that counts). The Candelabra, being WSBK-TV's facility, was a major point in the old point-to-point microwave network that made WSBK-TV a New England superstation. It was also home to NESN (New England Sports Network's) satellite uplink facility.

Pinnacle Hill (link to WPXY's page). A shot I took from a quick trip up in 1997 (Before I knew Scott Fybush), I got a picture of the old WXXI-FM and WPXY-FM antennas before both were replaced. (WPXY's antenna was replaced with a large ERI, which was then replaced with the current Shively up on the American Tower.).

WAAF. I took some pictures of WAAF right after they moved to their then new Shively 6814-3R-SS antenna on Asnebumskit Hill. I happen to also get shots of the old WAAF ERI antenna, which as I found out VERY recently, was mounted to the old channel 14 tower. (I don't know if the pole is the old 14 antenna on top or not).

WBRK. WBRK 1340 in Pittsfield is home to a tallish (300') guyed tower with a skirting system, new transmitter shed, and a whole slew of cell tennants. That wasn't the case in 1999, and me and my mom's Pentax, I got pictures of the old Series fed tower. What I hadn't realized was, I got a number of good shots of it.

The Richland Tower, otherwise known locally as "The BZ tower", has had a lot of work done on it in the last 10 years, including the addition of another TV (WYDN), the return of 102.5, and the infamous burnout of the upper UHF master Easter 2012. However prior to all that construction in the 2000's, WBZ's tower had a much narrower section on top, which held just 4 TV stations, and two FM antennas (one was an old 106.7 aux). I knew I had taken pictures of the tower with that old configuration, and I found them. I also found two shots I took during the construction phase of the temporary antennas and the missing top mast with just a Gin Pole on it.

WFSB-TV. WFSB's old big blue harris fed an old (then a newer) antenna on top of the self supporting tower that serves as WTIC 1080's aux. However, on the "FM" tower, WFSB maintained an old batwing backup antenna.
I had forgotten I took a picture of the "B" transmitter which fed that antenna.

WKCI-FM. WKCI-FM was at one time located on the WTNH-TV tower, until a lease dispute forced them to relocate to a new tower 1 mile north of the WTNH site. I had taken pictures of the WKCI-FM antenna on the WTNH tower prior to them moving, and now you can see them here.

WTNH-TV. Speaking of "News8' or "Newschannel 8", I took pictures in 2003 of the brand new tower, right after they had finished the construction of it, and the main tennants had moved to it. On this page, not only will you see a picture of the brand new tower, but the old tower laying across the road!

WUPE-FM. 100.1, nothing terribly exciting, just a closeup of the old ERI

WLNE-TV. A shot of the old sign on the transmitter building in Tiverton.

A 48 hour "whirlwind" tour with Scott Fybush landed us a huge update to the Erie and Rochester markets. In Erie alone, we added 8 new stations, and got inside the transmitters and studios of several more. In Rochester , we got up to see the new 106.7 installation along with the new 92.9 translator. Also includes a first time look at the transmitter of 94.1.

A new camera allowed your photographer here to update pictures of the WJAR-TV site with the new WRIW-CA digital TV install. Included in this update is WLNE-TV, WSBE, WSNE-FM, WWBB, WPRI-TV and WNAC-TV.

Got a chance to update some pictures, and add some new ones! A visit with our good friend Howard Frost got us into see the new HD setups at WLZX, WRSI, and the analog only sites at 98.3 and 1240, along with the studios of both and WPVQ. Plus the new 96.9 translator in Northampton.. After a long day of driving, some dinner at Friendly's, we stopped by the visit the new installation of WJNF 91.7 in Dalton, up on the big Long Lines tower in Peru!
Also work got us in to switch WLHZ-LP over from 107.9 to 98.7.

Thanks to a great week off from the "daily grind" (well, sort of...) I am able to bring a decent sized update this time around!
In the continuation of transition to the WIKI, Western Connecticut, Southwest Vermont, Southwest New Hampshire (Includes Brattleboro), Central Vermont  (Barre-Montpelier), and Burlington are officially moved to the
new site.

So with that, here is what you can see in this installment at NECRAT. WBUR and WHRB's auxiliary antennas sit on their respective college campuses. This has been something I have long neglected to get any photographs of.
The W242AA translator for WCRB at the WMBR site, by chance, we happened to find a good view of the Yagi that provides transmission service for this translator. Along with that, we put up some nice pictures of WMBR.

Our friend Dennis Jackson installed a new antenna for WQQQ over the last couple of months, so we would be remiss in not updating that picture. While in the neighborhood, we also caught a glimpse of the new WHDD-FM antenna at Marshall Miles' local public radio outlet. A side trip to Torrington for non broadcast reasons (You DO know I am a database administrator at both Radio Reference and for the Scan New EnglandWIKI don't you?), I decided to update the pictures of WAPJ, and WZBG. We also finally found the W286AP 105.1 translator for WAPJ as well. Make sure you see John Ramsey's photos on the WAPJ too. We are always greatful to John for all he has contributed here and to engineering in Connecticut.. On the way back home (and into a nasty thunderstorm), I stopped in the beautiful town of North Canaan, CT, to see the mighty site of WSGG 89.3, which was off the air still.
(I don't think I have ever heard it on...)

The week also lead to see some more transmitters from my old hometown, neck of the woods area. My good friend Paul Thurst, who runs one of the most interesting and educational broadcast engineering blogs on the web, is doing engineering for the former Berkshire Broadcasting stations in Berkshire County. As it happened to be, Paul was up at the WBEC studios and graciously gave me an inside look at the studios and transmitters. On the way to lunch, I twisted Paul's arm into taking me to over to see the WUPE 1110 site.

Earlier in the month, a whirlwind trip of searching out pirate radio stations in the north shore area of Mass, lead my friend Jeff and I to go visit the site of WNEF once again for those non broadcast reasons stated above. (But I did update my photos), and on the way home, we stopped by Steve Callahan's WRRSinstallation in Middleborough, MA.

I also took a trip to Springfield to visit WLHZ-LP , and to see the replacement WLCQ-LP antenna which was replaced after the previous antenna took a lightning strike. After visiting those, I met up with my friend, and former co-worker Eric, and we went up to visit the Mount Tom site of WFXQ-CD, and decided to take a trip up to the top of Mount Tom to see the massive broadcast site which has WGGB-TV, WGBY-TV, WHYN-FM, WWEI, and the WRNX standby antenna. Plus check out a really high resolution picture of the tower farm from the mountain.

Plus our friend Steve Conti gave us a saturday tour of Rhode Island's 2nd most poweful AM station, WRNI 1290

Finally, thanks to the kind contributions from Rich Parker of Vermont Public Radio, I am finally giving you a chance to see a very tough to access transmitter site. It is the site of WWMP-WGLY-FM, and W16AL up on top of Robbins Mountain. In true Hawaiian fashion, you can see the easy way to get there, isn't by land. Also, again, thanks to the kind contributions of Paul Thurst, I am able to show off the big broadcast changes on Mount Equinox, as the demolition of the old Sky Line Inn motel was completed, and a new viewer's center is built. Vermont Public Radio's WVTQ used to sit on the roof of the hotel and was forced to relocate to a nearby radar tower. WEQX's transmitter have been relocated elsewhere too.

(Don't forget our Stewart's Shop page, which has returned! With additions in Cropseyville, and Chatham)

Continuing to migrate webpages to the WIKI. Please note, this WILL become the main picture index page by the end of the year.

ADDED:  WXEV, the new Horizon Christian Fellowship station in Bradford, Rhode Island, mounted to a chimney of a factory in the south county town. This stack is unique, as it also now holds the
WSUB-LP antenna as well.  Added the 103.3 Calvary Chapel translator which used to be on 94.9 from a an old long lines tower in Montville. The tower itself is worth the view.

Updates: WUCS in Hartford, Chief Engineer Rick Walsh sent us a picture of the antenna FROM THE ROOF! It's quite impressive!
A first glimpse at the new tower at WJDA in Quincy after the old one collapsed during hurricane (or tropical storm) Irene.  Also while in the Boston area, look at the new WHRB non directional antenna,
as well as a closeup shot of the WFNX antenna from a different angle.

Head down to Southeastern Connecticut and see the new WKNL transmitter, and get a first time peek inside the WCTY transmitter, and the WICH transmitter/Hall Studios. Thanks to
tour guides Roger Arnold and Jim Reed, we were able to provide some more transmitters from this unique corner of New England.

And lastly, a "blast from the past", after I dug up some old photos submitted to me years ago by Brian Ram of the OLD WQGN/WNLC tower before it was replaced. The pictures are
a little blurry but clear enough to see what was there! The pictures date 2000.

Added the new 97.9 Hartford side, made 97.9 Springfield historic. Updated 100.9 (Springfield's) new site, WFXQ-CD's transmitter, and WWQZ Baptist Village's Antenna

Major updates to WSAR & WHTB in Fall River. Chief Engineer Mark McMillen was kind enough to spend some time with us on Saturday, and give the cook's tour of the two stations serving the Fall River area.
I also have transitioned "South Shore" over to the WIKI.

Updated Berkshire County WBRK 1340 Pittsfield, 1420 WBEC Pittsfield, 95.9 WBEC-FM Pittsfield, 101.7 WBRK-FM Pittsfield
Added 106.1 W291CH, the WFCR translator which used to sit on 93.9

Updated Hampden County: WWLP-TV Springfield with newer pictures of the antenna. WPKX with newer pictures of the soon to be abandoned antenna, and WAQY's new digital transmitter.
Updated Westfield State University's WSKB using pictures from March 2007, which I never used.
Added: WWQZ, the religious low power FM signal from Hampden, MA.

FLORIDA. And a good chunk of it too.
A two week excursion in October got me around to see many new tower sites in Florida.
I present six new markets
Daytona, Flagler County, Orlando, Lakeland/Citrus Country, Tampa/St.Petersburg, Sarasota
Click here to see the Florida pictures, which reside on the new NECRAT private WIKI. (Details coming soon...)