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This NEW Icon has been on NECRAT since Day 1,  back in 1999!

A nice update coming this time, with some gorgeous fall weather. This update brings you 8 new stations alone!
A three day stop that started in the Hudson Valley for refreshers of the Mount Beacon stations (WSPK, WRNN-DT, WTBY), continued to the new 98.9 Rosendale transmitter facility in Ulster Park, up to the Hudson area's
new 90.7 WGXC, and ended with some new pictures of the 560/98.5 array in Hudson and the new 106.9 translator that sits on the 98.5 tower!
The next day started with a new market to NECRAT, Saratoga. While going here many years, this was our first time actually going for radio towers. I present to you newer pictures of WJKE (formerly WQAR), Skidmore College's 91.1 WSPN. While not being able to find WABY 1160, we skipped on down to Albany to see the new W44CT-D antenna on the WMHT tower (this site was once on the WFLY tower), and the nice low angled sun allowed for some great pictures of the Albany DTV tower and some new pictures of WGNA's tower. The trip finished off with a refreshed look at the 94.5 tower in Ravena and the "new" 101.1 translator in Catskill
The final day was a real busy one with so many updates on Cape Cod! Starting with WOMR's new antenna, then to WOMR's new sister station , WFMR., then onto the Cape's newest radio station , WKFY., over to the new 93.5 WFRQ site (near where the old 103.9 tower once was, ironically... speaking of 103.9), 103.9's replacement antenna system,
and finally a first time inside look at the Channel 58 transmitter, the 99.9 transmitter and new antenna., and the new combined antennas for 101.1 and 102.9....
Finally we post an update of two stations we took a month ago. 91.9 WUMB's new antenna location in Quincy, and WIGV-LP's new location in Providence.

A small update of the new W231AK translator on the WSBS tower, and the new WNNU, also licensed to Great Barrington, MA

After a rough few days, I decided to do a little "tower therapy" and post some updates. I updated the Candelabra page, probably the most detailed tower page on my site. I also have good closeups of the AUX antennas for the CBS Boston stations, 98.5 WBZ-FM, 100.7 WZLX, 103.3 WODS, 104.1 WBMX.

A nice warm Sunday (Finally!) and NECRAT made the trip up with our pal Jeff Lehmann to update our pictures from the North Shore. Including the new WBOQ installation, along with WWRN, our friend Joel Epley's newest signal in Gloucester, serving the people of Rockport, plus one of the most unusual translator series of photographs we have yet to take. No, not 101.5 , that's a clean looking Shively 2 bay. No, check out the unusual installation of 103.7, which will be moving to the Hancock tower sometime soon, and then, take a look at the more unusual antenna configuration of 106.1!

It's been a crazy month here at NECRAT HQ, and I haven't had any time to really do any travelling. However, I did have a reason to purchase a flatbed scanner recently and have decided to throw some old archive pictures of mine up here for you to see. There is quite a bit to be explained, which I will do all in one neat little summary here.

The Candelabra. It's back. (In case you didn't know it left.) I found some pictures of the tower simply referred to as "The Candelabra", a 1200 foot tower located in Needham, MA, as part of the dubbed "Newton-Needham" complex. I took some pictures back in 1999 when there was no digital antennas on the tower, still a piece of FM history there, and the building sign was different. See "back in the day", the Candelabra was home to several FM radio stations. It went from housing 3 TVs and 3 FMs down to its current status, housing 2 TVs and backup facilities for 4 FM stations. (Along with Media-Flo, if that counts). The Candelabra, being WSBK-TV's facility, was a major point in the old point-to-point microwave network that made WSBK-TV a New England superstation. It was also home to NESN (New England Sports Network's) satellite uplink facility.

Pinnacle Hill (link to WPXY's page). A shot I took from a quick trip up in 1997 (Before I knew Scott Fybush), I got a picture of the old WXXI-FM and WPXY-FM antennas before both were replaced. (WPXY's antenna was replaced with a large ERI, which was then replaced with the current Shively up on the American Tower.).

WAAF. I took some pictures of WAAF right after they moved to their then new Shively 6814-3R-SS antenna on Asnebumskit Hill. I happen to also get shots of the old WAAF ERI antenna, which as I found out VERY recently, was mounted to the old channel 14 tower. (I don't know if the pole is the old 14 antenna on top or not).

WBRK. WBRK 1340 in Pittsfield is home to a tallish (300') guyed tower with a skirting system, new transmitter shed, and a whole slew of cell tennants. That wasn't the case in 1999, and me and my mom's Pentax, I got pictures of the old Series fed tower. What I hadn't realized was, I got a number of good shots of it.

The Richland Tower, otherwise known locally as "The BZ tower", has had a lot of work done on it in the last 10 years, including the addition of another TV (WYDN), the return of 102.5, and the infamous burnout of the upper UHF master Easter 2012. However prior to all that construction in the 2000's, WBZ's tower had a much narrower section on top, which held just 4 TV stations, and two FM antennas (one was an old 106.7 aux). I knew I had taken pictures of the tower with that old configuration, and I found them. I also found two shots I took during the construction phase of the temporary antennas and the missing top mast with just a Gin Pole on it.

WFSB-TV. WFSB's old big blue harris fed an old (then a newer) antenna on top of the self supporting tower that serves as WTIC 1080's aux. However, on the "FM" tower, WFSB maintained an old batwing backup antenna.
I had forgotten I took a picture of the "B" transmitter which fed that antenna.

WKCI-FM. WKCI-FM was at one time located on the WTNH-TV tower, until a lease dispute forced them to relocate to a new tower 1 mile north of the WTNH site. I had taken pictures of the WKCI-FM antenna on the WTNH tower prior to them moving, and now you can see them here.

WTNH-TV. Speaking of "News8' or "Newschannel 8", I took pictures in 2003 of the brand new tower, right after they had finished the construction of it, and the main tennants had moved to it. On this page, not only will you see a picture of the brand new tower, but the old tower laying across the road!

WUPE-FM. 100.1, nothing terribly exciting, just a closeup of the old ERI

WLNE-TV. A shot of the old sign on the transmitter building in Tiverton.