The "Prudential" Tower.
(Tallest tower if the spire height counts).

800 Boylston Street, Boston
ASRN: 1002788 (Main tower)
ASRN: 1251249 (Aux tower)

750 feet to the base of the tower. (Roof height)
907 feet to the top of the former channel 68 antenna.

ERI 1084-6CP-SP 255m
WZLX 100.7 Boston (21.5kW)
WWBX 104.1 Boston (21kW)
WMJX 106.7 Boston (21.5kW)
WXKS-FM 107.9 Medford (20.5kW)

ERI 1084-4CP 244m
WBOS 92.9 Brookline (18.5kW)
WBQT 96.9 Boston (22.5kW)
WROR-FM 105.7 Framingham (23kW)
(* - Also 106.7 HD)

For an excellent historical background on this site, check out
our friend Scott Fybush's tower site of the week from 2004.

Looking up at the main (left) and multi aux (right) towers.

The primary mast closer view. The top mount UHF, with the two FM masters below it.

Looking closer-up at the two main FM antennas.

At the very top is the former channel 68 antenna. Channel 68 has since moved twice and is now out in Hudson.

Another view of the antenna.

A closeup shot of the upper FM master, which has four FMs.

Another shot of the upper FM.

A closer shot of the lower FM panel.

Another shot of the ERI panel antenna used by the 3 Beasley FMs and 106.7's HD.

Inside the 105.7 - 106.7 container is the final combiner module for the three full power signals and one HD for 106.7.

When the Beasley sites where brought up here under Greater Media, they used these connex style trailers to house the transmitters literally on the roof.
Here are the two shots of the contrainers.

The 92.9 - 96.9 container.

The 105.7 - 106.7 container.

Also on the roof is a shorter "Aux" tower that is used by the four FMs on the upper master. This tower was used by several signals for HD.

Looking up at the aux tower. Initially it looks like two, two bay antennas, but it's actually four single bay antennas.

A closeup view of the four antennas.

Here is who is using what antenna. (Based on FCC licensed data, but unconfirmed by local engineers).