City of license Providence
Channel 231B
Frequency 94.1
File No. BPH970909ID
Location (N-LAT) 41-49-40
Location (W-LON) 71-22-9
Location East Providence along river
H-ERP 50000
V-ERP 50000
HAAT 139
Antenna Type ERI 4 Bay
Directional No
Tilt No
Other Information Shares antenna with WBRU & WPMZ

A wide view of the WHJY tower (and WPMZ's #2 tower on the right)

Here is the backup antenna.

The WHJY-WBRU antenna.

A closeup of the antenna. (the slight haze is the smoke from the Canadian wildfires!)

The two towers in a wide view.

Another view of the towers

WHJY's analog transmitter

The WHJY digital transmitter

The WHJY STL & Processing rack. (With Chief Engineer Steve LaRiviere behind!)

The WHJY backup transmitter

The WHJY/WBRU combiner.

WHJY's control room with the world famous Steve "Traffic Troll" Conti!