City of license Plattsburgh
Frequency (KHZ) 1340 KHz
File No. BL-
Location (N-LAT) 44-41-49
Location (W-LON) 73-28-40
Location Upper Cornelia St
Pattern ND1
Daytime ERP 1000 watts
Daytime Towers 1
Nighttime ERP
Nighttime TOWERS
Critical Hours ERP
Other Information Unlimited
WIRY's tower and studio side building.
The neon sign on Rte 3 across the street from the Stewart's shop .
WIRY's main on air control room.
WIRY's production room.
WIRY's other production room (and that console is a working 1950 console, still used to this day. Those turn tables are also
used to this day as well!).
WIRY's older transmitters.
WIRY's newer BE AM-1 transmitter.
WIRY's control racks, monitoring and tech equipment.

WIRY's tower closer up.
WIRY's tower base and "dog house".