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WNTQ 93.1 Syracuse, NY

New Pictures and information courtesy Alan Jurison!

WNTQ's primary antenna (left) (A 9 bay ERI) and Aux antenna (right)

WNTQ's primary (left) and AUX (middle).

WNTQ's auxiliary transmitter. Alan Jurison tells me it is a Collins 831G-2B from 1974! The Continental Door is a identical
replacement for the Collins door that got damaged some time back.

WNTQ's "backup to a backup", an AEL FM-25KG from the late 1970's

WNTQ's processing and auxiliary equipment in the process of being upgraded for the new HD

Another view of the Rockwell transmitter.

WNTQ's brand new HT-HD+ transmitter as it was being installed.

And here is WNTQ's new HT/HD+ transmitter on the air. (Garrett, if you are reading this, it's serial #2).

Another view of the new HD transmitter.

WNTQ's new digital encoding equipment.