On September 11, 2001, Six broadcast engineers were working on the 104th & 110th floors of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

These six gentlemen lost their lives on that fateful morning along with 2,971 other souls.

May they rest in peace.

Robert Pattison
Isaias Rivera 
Don DiFranco
William Steckman
Gerard "Rod" Coppola
Steven Jacobson

This NECRAT page is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 9/11 terroist attacks, and the World Trade Center broadcast site.

Watch this tribute to Don DiFranco produced by WABC-TV. (09/2022)

This was the frozen image seen all over the northeast on WPIX's satellite feed.
This feed stayed on satellite until WPIX was able to get a backup path
to the satellite transmitter. This is one of the only known copies (if the only copy) of
this image on the internet. Courtesy goes to my Father who recorded this
image on that fateful morning. Please only resuse with credit to NECRAT.US

Here is a rare look at the whole mast of the tower.
You will have to excuse the picture quality,
as it comes from a print photograph I purchased
back in 2001. Click the image to see a
large copy of it. Please do not reuse this image.
I am using it under permission of the photographer
with the request of anonymity.

Here is a video shot by the helicopter of WNBC-TV, as requested
by their engineering staff in the winter of 2000, to look at
ice buildup on the antenna mast. The two bay batwing at the top
was the channel 4/5 antenna. (Notice the Helicopter getting
several closeups of that antenna system, and the ice.)
(Pilot Dennis Protsko)

Here is another video, this one from YouTube user JTComms shot on
July 15, 2001. The gentleman in the video describing the view
and the antennas is Rod Coppola of WNET-TV. One of the six
engineers who passed away less than two months later from the attacks.


World Trade Center Broadcast Tennant Information

Call Sign Height Power
WNBC-4 515 17.4kW
WNYW-5 515 17.4kW
WPIX-11 506 58.9kW
WNET-13 500 60.3kW
WWOR-9 500 61.7kW
WABC 7 490 64.6kW
WCBS-2 482 21.4kW
WPXN-31 475 2820kW
WNJU-47 460 4570kW
WNJU-DT 34 458 200kW
WPXN-DT 30 458 220kW
WNBC-DT 28 448 178kW
WPIX-DT 33 448 265kW
WWOR-DT 36 448 143kW
WKCR 89.9 433 0.63kW
WPAT-FM 93.1 433 5.4kW
WNYC-FM 93.9 433 5.4kW
WQCD 101.9 
(Aux licensed)
433 3.3kW
WKTU 103.5 433 5.4kW

NBC Urgent Alert Message. This message was sent to all the NBC stations on the morning of 9/11
09/11/2001 08:53 EDT

All stations go to GE-1/3 NOW!

NBC New York


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Image courtesies:
Bob Pattison - WCBS-TV
Isaias Rivera - WCBS-TV
Don DiFranco - WABC-TV
William Steckman - WNBC-TV
Rod Coppola - WNET
Steven Jacobson - Michael Fenichel / www.fenichel.com/N2SJ.shtml