City of license Burlington
Channel 300C
Frequency 107.9
File No. BMLED-20011114ABA 
Location (N-LAT) 44-31-32
Location (W-LON) 72-48-54
Location Mt Mansfield
H-ERP 49000 watts
V-ERP 49000 watts
HAAT 805 meters
HRCAMSL 1240 meters
HRCAGL 11 meters
Antenna Type Shively 6810-6R-SS
Directional No
Tilt No
Other Information
WVPS's new Shively Labs antenna.
A closer view of the new mamoth Shively antenna.
Click the image for a large copy!
WVPS's analog (left) and digital (right) transmitters.
A clearer shot of the transmitters.
The WSTL racks for WVPS.
Two of the three new towers on Mt. Mansfield. The left has WFFF-WVNY,
the right has WCAX-WPTZ, with the WVPS antenna side mounted.
A wider view of the whole antenna farm

Mark Vogelzang, President of Vermont Public Radio was kind enough
to share these two pictures of the new Shively panel as it was being
installed on the mountain.
A closer, clearer look at the big beautiful panel antenna!
Click the image for a large unscaled view.

WVPS's old primary antenna on the WETK TV tower. It has since been removed.
A wider view of the old WVPS tower/antenna.

The sign outside of VPR's studios in Colchester, VT.
The VPR building, former state police building, nestled in the trees at the Ethan Allen National Guard complex in Colchester
The main enterance to VPR
One of the VPR production rooms that can be used as an on air control room.
The main on air control room
VPR's main engineering room.
VPR's main STL tower to WVPS.