WXRV Boosters
These boosters are part of a network to improve the
signal of WXRV into the core Boston Market

Call Sign City of License ERP Transmitter Location
WXRV-FM1 Framingham 33w H
99w V
Speen St
WXRV-FM2 Dover 33w H
99w V
Bear Hill
WXRV-FM3 Newton 33w H
99w V
1150/1470 Towers
WXRV-FM4 Boston 33w H
99w V
Temple St
WXRV-FM5 Boston 8w H
24w V
John Hancock Tower
WXRV-1 - Framingham

 On the American Tower located near Home Depot in Natick


WXRV-FM2 Dover

On the left most tower atop the great Bear Hill in Waltham

Looking at the two antennas closeup

Another view.

A 2020 view from atop Bear Hill itself. We drove up and got better pictures, now with the additional booster for
other stations in Boston (104.5 and 107.3)

A closer shot. 92.5 is the upper antennas. 104.5/107.3 are the lower ones.

Looking up the tower at the boosters.

Anther view lookin up.

Closeup shot of the booster antenna.

Another shot of it!

WXRV-FM3 Newton

The 1150/1470 tower array on the Concord Turnpike in Lexington. 92.5 is on the "FM" tower.

A closeup.

A newer view, another booster added here too!

Looking at both Booster antennas. 104.5/107.3 top right, 92.5 bottom left.

A closer shot.

And closeup.

WXRV-FM4 Boston

The "Charlestown" site, on Temple St in Boston

A closer look at the antennas.

And closeup!

WXRV-FM5 Boston

A view of the "John Hancock Tower", now officially "200 Clarendon".

A closer view of the broadcast tenants up there.

Here's an ID of them for you.

The WXRV-5 Booster Antenna on the south side of the roof.

A little wider shot.

The WXRV-FM5 transmitter on the John Hancock Tower in Boston.

The "200 Clarendon" tower, with 92.5 on the right (south) side.

A wider shot.