City of license Albany
Channel 23
Frequency 524-530
File No. BLCT820810KG
Location (N-LAT) 42-37-01
Location (W-LON) 74-00-46
Location Down Road from Pinnacle Tower cluster
H-ERP 3,020kW
Polarization Horizontal
HAAT 366m
Antenna Type Andrew ATW24HS4-HTC-23H
Directional Yes
Tilt Yes
Other Information

Click the graphic to see pictures of the new DTV master tower (Analog pictures below)

WXXA's tower

WXXA's Andrew analog antenna

WXXA-DT's new Rhode Schwarz transmitter.

A closeup of the analog antenna.

In Mid March 2001 WXXA's antenna collapsed off the top of the tower.
The below pictures contain WXXA's temporary antenna setup.
At the bottom of the page is an old pic of the antenna mounted and a 
pics of the antenna laying on the ground.


WXXA's temporary antenna & permanent tower.

WXXA's transmitter building.

WXXA's temporary antenna

WXXA's tower & antenna.

Here is the antenna pre-collapse.

Here is the antenna lying on the ground with the bent waveguide behind it.

Here is another view of the bottom of the antenna after the collapse.