WZMX 93.7 Hartford

Looking up the 93.7/90.5 tower.

A closeup of the two FMs. 93.7 on top, 90.5 below it.

The 93.7 antenna, a 2019 view!

A real closeup of the antenna.

The old HD antenna, now just a backup.

The 93.7 primary antenna.

The 93.7 tower with 90.5 on it, up on West Peak

The 93.7 aux/HD antenna

The transmitter room

The primary Harris HT25

The backup FM25K

The audio & control gear

The Harris M4-HD transmitter

Another view of the rack.

The studio for 93.7

The Tech Racks

Entercom has this aux on the Chase tower for the FMs.

A closer shot of the aux.

Entercom also maintains an aux for their three stations on the WTIC-FM tower. Seen Here.

Below are older pictures....

WZMX's antenna closeup

WZMX's HD antenna.

Antenna with two black radomes (Center one)

WZMX's antenna from a distance